The Railway Photographs of P W Pilcher


Percy William Pilcher was a talented musician, being the organist at the Abbey Church, Shrewsbury for some twenty seven years. Amongst other things he had an interest in photography, and was one of the pioneers in attempting to capture moving trains, with his first success being recorded in 1889.

This book is presented as an album of photographs presented over 96 pages from the collections which survive. One hundred of the one hundred and fifty three plates are of LNWR locomotives, and they show large volumes of detail which is of interest to students of history and modeller’s alike. This detail is not limited to the locomotives themselves but also the settings surrounding the locomotives.

The book also includes some twenty plates each of Great Western and Great Northern Railway locomotives as well as a flavouring of other companies. Included is a beautiful plate of Farlies Patent with the locomotive in steam, and a woman in full Victorian dress standing alongside.