Aylesbury LNWR


Geoff Williams was born in Great Eastern Railway territory in 1913, and developed a keen interest in railways from an early age. By 1919 he had a model railway he could lay out on the floor, which featured an LNWR liveried Bing locomotive. Having established a work and family life, Geoff returned to model railways after the birth of his first son Bob and in 1955 discovered the attractive old station at Aylesbury High Street. This chance discovery set Geoff on to a quest to record, research and ultimately recreate the scene in miniature, which resulted in two models of the station.

This book, written by his son Bob, recounts in detail the two models of Aylesbury that Geoff built, including the methods and materials he used and the rolling stock and locomotives he created. From the early 1960’s Geoff worked on the final version of Aylesbury, having sold the first to Pat Whitehouse, and it this very fine model that forms the core of this book. Built to EM standards, it was ground breaking in many ways, not least in the effective use of perspective modelling to create a very convincing backdrop to the railway scene in a very limited space.